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American Dream TV is an Emmy-nominated real show, showcasing over 700 top-performing real estate agents and mortgage professionals as the authentic voice of their markets. With a B2B model, the show reaches a vast audience of 20+ million viewers monthly on national networks nationwide.

Experience the power of “IT” CONTENT, as emphasized by industry giants Tom Ferry, Ryan Serhant, and Gary Vee. ADTV is at the forefront of real estate media and marketing, driving growth and success for professionals like you. Our entry-level solution empowers realtors and mortgage professionals with cutting-edge insights and strategies from industry leaders, all at an affordable price. Join us today and gain a competitive edge in the world of media and marketing.

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The best in the industry, Tom Ferry, Ryan Serhant, and Gary Vee, are all talking about the importance of “IT.”

What is “IT?" CONTENT.

They (the industry greats) say it. ADTV does it! ADTV is the industry leader in real estate media, and marketing. The most significant elements of growth for a real estate and mortgage professional. We have designed an entry level solution to give realtors and mortgage professionals a competitive edge in media and marketing, with insight and strategies from the best in the business, all for an affordable price.
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Membership Benefits include the following deliverables:

1) Monthly Mastermind

Unlock the secrets of leveraging The American Dream Network with our Monthly Mastermind coaching video call. Led by CEO Craig Sewing, learn from top-performing agents and lenders, become the local expert in your market, and generate high-quality leads.

2) Private Facebook Group

Elevate your career with exclusive access to our elite private Facebook group. Connect with industry trailblazers, thought leaders, and experts. Experience collaboration, knowledge sharing, and unparalleled support as you navigate your professional journey. Our private Facebook group offers a gateway to a coveted community of real estate professionals.

3) American Dream Insider

Our weekly newsletter delivers valuable industry insights, motivation, video updates from Craig Sewing, success stories, company announcements, and TV segments of the week.

4) Marketing Mastery, a weekly video series of tips and tricks

Marketing Mastery: Elevate your marketing game with a weekly video series. Gain insights, best practices, and tips on video content creation, marketing strategies, social media hacks, and innovative collateral ideas.

5) Monthly live video session with CEO, Craig Sewing

Join live meetings with Craig Sewing, a renowned expert in modern-day media and marketing. Gain actionable advice, cutting-edge strategies, and innovative techniques to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Through the art of storytelling, Craig shows how to take your real estate career to new heights by capitalizing on today’s technology with innovative solutions.

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2 Appointments booked today… WOW.

I  was expecting 30 days. Pretty incredible. Phenomenal work.

Hey Logan guess who just landed at $835,00 listing because of the show!

I was up against another agent that was pretty comparable! Except for they don’t have a show lol

I just HAVE to share, I have 2 listing appointments from just my FIRST facebook announcement regarding the show! 1 of them appraised for 1.5 million, I am PUMPED for this opportunity!

I just wanted to let you know i appreciate this opportunity you have given me and The Hayes Team!

After announcing this on Facebook, I’ve received multiple offers from a huge local builder, a charity, agents, a lady in Nashville who wants me to see her home, etc! Thanks again!

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